In these last days, God’s Word tells us there will be many deceivers.
We believe it is important that we "test the spirits" whether they be of God.

We at Glory to God Ministries believe:

  • The Bible is the inspired Word of God without error

  • Jesus Christ is Lord, the Son of God, God come in the flesh

  • The Blood of Jesus paid the price to unite us with God

  • Jesus Christ is risen from the dead

  • All mankind is sinful and must repent, believe in Jesus and be water baptized, to have life with God. We are saved by God’s grace through faith in Jesus, not by our works.

  • God would have us to keep ALL of God’s commandments. Since we love God, His commandments are not a burden to us

  • God wants all of His children filled with the Holy Spirit, speaking in new tongues and operating in the gifts of His Spirit

  • God will confirm His Word with supernatural signs and wonders. God desires worship from His people in spirit and in truth

  • There is only one true Church (the body of Christ) throughout the world. It consists of those who confess Jesus Christ as Lord, do His commandments, and are faithful to Jesus to their end

  • Tithes and offerings are God’s way of supporting His ministries

  • Satan is a fallen angel who opposes God’s work and people. Satan is defeated

  • Jesus Christ is returning to judge the living and dead. All believers will live with God in the new heaven and earth. All unbelievers, Satan, and devils will burn eternally in a lake of fire prepared by God.

  • "The Spirit of the Lord is upon me, because He has anointed me to preach good news to the poor. He has sent me to proclaim freedom for the prisoners and recovery of sight for the blind, to release the oppressed, to proclaim the year of the Lord’s favor."

    Randy Brodhagen is the founder of Glory to God Ministries. He is the host and teacher of the international radio and TV broadcast, The Love Of God. He is the author of various books including, The Everlasting Gospel, The Love Disciple, Victory and Satan’S Defeat. Key verses to this ministry are Luke 4:18-19, John 8:31-32, 36, and Ephesians 3:20.

    Randy was born in Salem, Oregon, raised in Portland, Oregon, received his B.A. in Social Psychology and a Masters of Divinity from Concordia Seminary, St. Louis, Missouri. He has participated in the Oral Roberts’ Doctor of Ministry program and has received a Doctor of Divinity Degree through Trinity College of Ministerial Arts. Randy was previously a pastor in the Lutheran Church before the Lord called him to found Glory to God Ministries in 1978. He has served as chaplain to Full Gospel Business Men International, advisor to Women’s Aglow International, and area director for ICFM.

    Glory to God Ministries headquarters is based in the Palm Springs area of Southern California. Randy Brodhagen and Glory to God serves the Body of Christ internationally and is affiliated with the National Religious Broadcasters, the American Association of Christian Counselors, International Convention of Faith Ministers, Charismatic Bible Ministries, Int’l, and Lesea Ministries.

    Randy Brodhagen was married in 1974 to his wife, Diana, and has two children, Erin and Jesse.

    I want to share how the vision came to me. In time passed as I was upon a hill ministering to the Lord, praying in tongues, the Spirit of God began to speak to me in a word of prophecy and a word of wisdom as He was speaking forth. And the Lord told me several things. He told me:

  • That He would call upon supportive laborers. Some would be givers, some would be pray-ers, some would go out and work with us. These people would come from all over the place, and God would sort out who would be with us and who would not.

  • That we would be a "servant to the servants." As He put it, "A minister to the ministers." He was showing how many of God’s ministries and ministers do not really have anybody to encourage them. That is what He was going to call us to do: to work with equipping people for the work of the ministry, to work with people who are already in ministry, encouraging, correcting, motivating, etc., to work with people coming up in the Body, to help them grow to take the place that God had for them.

  • Even before that word was given, God was: sending ministers to us, sending people who were in ministry or coming up in the ranks who were later going to be ministering (many of which are now); so that God could give them what they needed at that time. Teaching ministers to minister in a "school of the prophets" is also part of the vision.

  • That we are to minister to the entire Body of Christ, not just certain segments in this world, but rather, we are to encourage and motivate believers, enabling groups and people into the fullness of the Spirit to teach and to work. Thus we work with all denominations, we work with all God’s people wherever they may be, sharing with them the love of God and the fullness of the Spirit, teaching people to move in the gifts of the Spirit and the fullness of God’s operation. We are to lift up Jesus, not individual groups, not promote individuals or individual groups or particular denominations or non denominations… but to simply lift up Jesus. As Jesus has promised, then He will draw men unto Himself.

  • The Lord ministered to me that, similar to the relationship between Jesus and the disciples, I was to pastor those whom God sent to work with us. However, like Jesus, the ministry is to the Body beyond a local setting. Jesus was not called to pastor the multitudes. He operated in a prophet’s office ministering to the multitudes.

  • That we are to be like a hospital. As God moves in power in the ministry, as He sets people free, we see people healed and delivered spiritually, mentally, emotionally, physically; delivered from the power of Satan. Just like in the Bible, the demons come out. That is why the Spirit of the Lord was upon us (see Luke 4:18 and 19), to mend the broken hearted, to heal marriages, to draw people to the Lord, to heal their minds and their bodies; and God put that anointing upon us to do that work. He showed that we would be a hospital in the ministry, that sick people would be coming; whether spiritually, mentally, emotionally, physically, they would be coming from all over as they are doing. God, by His power, is setting the people free to rejoice in Him.

  • He said that there are also many healthy people in a hospital who do various functions that the hospital might operate properly. We are praising God that the workers are increasing so that more work can be accomplished.

  • The Lord said that many people would not understand, but God would give the increase. He said we would lift up Jesus and sow the Word of God through all the medias. Several years after that word was given, the radio ministry had expanded internationally. T.V., books, newspaper columns, tapes, and every form of media that we know of were happening. They are now expanding. These things are all happening to God’s glory as He promised in His word.

  • Several years after the first word was given, the Lord spoke again, telling us that we would be a part of a major move of His Spirit in the last days, in leading His people into true worship. The Everlasting Gospel book came as a result of the word.

  • He told us in the first word that there is discipline involved in a vision:

    #1 – That we are not to rely on people or look to people for praise or for criticism.

    #2 – That we are not ever to solicit any funds, which we never do. We are to look to God as our source. He places it on people’s hearts to give, and they ask us what our needs are. We are to seek glory from God, not from people. He said that our life was no longer our own and that it is a responsibility to be faithful in proclaiming the Word and in the use of God’s gifts. Everything was to be done to His glory. When we asked the Lord for a name as to what we were to call this work, the Lord told us "You shall call it ‘Glory to God Ministries’ for the work I will do shall bring glory to My name."

    We of Glory to God Ministries desire to simply be faithful to God to do what He has given us to His glory, in His Body. We thank the Lord for His faithful support through you, encouraging us through your prayers, time, and giving for the furtherance of God’s Word.

    Glory to God Ministries is a non-profit tax deductible organization dedicated to the purpose of serving the Lord Jesus Christ.

    If you would like to help in the vision of Glory to God Ministries, please write for further information: