Pastor's Annual Message 2021

image “There will come a time when you will call unto Me, and I will answer you, ‘What do you want, My child?’ ”

“And you will say, ‘Absolutely nothing. I am taken care of so well by You, Father. I lack for nothing in Your presence!’ ”

“It is true. You will realize then and now that I have caused you to be blessed beyond any and all expectations,” saith the Lord. “When you keep your eyes, ears, and thoughts on Me and not on the world, yourself, and the devil, you will find this to be true.”

“For this world is upside down, confused and coming to a rapid end. As the fire is burning within the devil, so this world is consuming itself, and I am consuming it.”

“Remain in My love and My Word, and you will be safe and secure from what is about to come to pass. For it will be fast and not last. For I will not allow evil to have power over you. You are My loved ones who have believed and set your love upon Me.”

“But I will have power over those who have sought to do evil and have rejected My love and My ways. I will be a consuming fire to them but a life-giving and sustaining Spirit to you,” saith the Lord.

Family of God, let us continue to come boldly before the throne of God’s grace with full confident assurance of faith because of the blood of Jesus. Nothing can separate us from the love of God and each other.

In Jesus' love,
Pastor Randy