Praise Reports

J.S. - I wanted to bring my wife to church as she has suffered greatly by the loss of our son and grand baby.  Little did I know at the time that God had a plan for me to get healed from my dementia.  Thank you, and God bless.

C.S. from San Diego - Thank you for your prayers.  My gums do not hurt anymore, and my daughter has been happy and peaceful.  We love you!

Anonymous - I was all by myself in the sanctuary when Pastor Randy walked over to me, put his hand on my head and prayed for me.  He was praying the promise I was praying the night before.  Thank you, Lord, for taking me out of the miry clay and setting me on the rock. 

S.R - Thank you Lord, one of my family members was delivered from alcohol, and another is free from porn addiction!

M.K. from California - The Lord woke me up around 2AM with an urgency to pray.  I did not know what it was about, but later found out that my brother was driving cross country and felt he was having a heart attack.  They found that his heart was 100% blocked, but the Lord reversed it.  Praise God I was obedient.

C.S. from California - Thank you for your prayers.  My daughter is no longer depressed or angry.  She is even coming out of her room and hanging out with us.  She is happy!

L.B. from Canada - God has refreshed, affirmed, encouraged, and inspirired me through your obedience to His Word and walking in His purpose to make disciples.

S.M. from California - Thank you, Lord.  The doctors have found out what was wrong with my employer's son.  He had some fluid around the heart and is being treated and feeling better.

T.H. from Neveda -  Thank you so much for writing "A Word from the Lord."  I feel blessed just reading it.  It has raised my self-esteem and confidence in God's Love.

C.S. from California - I learned to keep doing the right thing no matter what!  Stay obedient and humble for Jesus.  After 3 years God opened the door, and I was finally able to transfer to a transitional Kinder class where I have a vegetable garden at school.  Hallelujah!

J.S. from Arizona
-I had given a special gift offering last month and I had been asking the Lord how I was going to pay for some items that I purchased for my home, and within a week I was asked if I wanted to work overtime for the next month.  God is so good!

S. from California
- After having a sonogram I was told I had cancer on the sides of my neck.  I called in for prayer and that night felt the healing power of God. The Lord did it!

S.P. from California
- We visited Glory to God Ministries and you ministered to our son leading him to Jesus, casting off a demon, and praying for the healing of his back.  You offered him a book, he chose Helping People.  He is now telling everyone he knows what happened and he has no more desire for drugs or alcohol.  God is so good!

R.W. from Wyoming - Thank you for your prayers.  The spot on my lung was not cancerous, and the pain in my side is gone.  Thank you Jesus!

S.Z. from California -   I was in the hospital for Lymphoma and the students there would come in to check on me and they kept asking why I am so happy.  Praise be to our Lord Jesus Christ.

C.H. from California - I was praying and thanking God for my healings.  Oil appeared on my left fingers which transferred onto the Word I was reading.  Now I have a permanent reminder, GOD IS GOOD.

D.C.  - I wanted to personally thank Dr. Brodhagen for restoring my faith strongly today as I watched him preach.  I felt restored in fullness.  May God bless you all.

D.D. from Colorado - Thank you for your prayers.  My daughter has quit drinking.

L.S. from California  - I had some electricians come to my house to make three repairs and in the process they found faulty wiring.  Praise God because 18 years ago my house burned to the ground due to faulty wiring.  God loves me so much he made sure that everything was revealed.

J.B. from France - I have been tuning in regularly from France and it has profoundly impacted my life.  The Word has become more alive for me, I have learned to take authority as a believer, and I am seeing changes in my life like never before.

L.P. from California - The Lord has always provided for me.  Sometimes it's a check, sometimes it's food...  This time it was a brand new car!!!

D.A. from Washington - I called the ministry for prayer for a job as a caregiver.  I was lead to put an ad in the paper and while listening to a message from Pastor Randy the phone rang and I got a wonderful job in a pleasant and peaceful home.  Always trust in the Lord.!

S.T. from California - I turn the TV on to your program and you suddenly started prophesizing as if I was the only one you were speaking to.  Everything I needed to hear you said, and I just started weeping.  I have been searching for so long for sound teaching, and I just want to thank you for blessing me and so many other people out there who are looking for the truth that will set them free.

E.N. from Kenya - I requested agreement in prayer for my trip to Tanzania.  We had a wonderful time.  20 street boys came to Christ.  On Sunday we had 120 converts who were baptized.  We give all the glory to God! 

D.J. from California - I had nerve pain for over 20 years and was on a lot of medication.  I prayed to the Lord Jesus for help and He said, "Quit taking pills."  I did and I am pill and pain free.

R.W. from Wyoming - After asking for prayer for my husband who had trouble eating and lost 40 pounds, he can now eat and has gained back 20 pounds.

B.E. from California - Recently my washing machine went out, but the Lord provided me with a new top of the line set which would have cost $2,000.

R.C. from Nebraska - I have been watching your program "The Love of God," and after a recent program I got down on my knees and confessed my sins and asked Jesus to be a part of my life.  Thanks to God's grace and mercy I am a new Christian because of your efforts.

M.S. from California - What a pleasure it was meeting you after church services.  Your wife's book made me laugh and laugh and cry.  There is healing in the pages.  The offering we gave that day had the fastest 100% return on any given we have ever done.  You and your ministry are a very needed part of the Body of Christ.

C.T. from North Carolina - I so enjoy your teaching and encouragement.  I thank you for your plain truth style of preaching.  You don't pull any punches!       

E.H. - When I visited your church I felt so at home.  You have such wonderful people of love.  I received a healing in my hips and I am still standing on that gift. 

J.T. - Your ministry over the past months has been so encouraging to me as I have been recovering from an accident.  The words brought peace to my troubled mind.

Tammy - My friend and I came to your church and I was healed from an aid reflux problem that very day!  No pain or acid since.  Praise God!

D.M. from Florida - God gave me a gift, which I had not requested nor prayed for, But I accepted with great joy.  It was the gift of speaking in the "Unknown Tongues."

L. from Hong Kong - Since taking "The Course" last year, I was have learned that Jesus loves me and He is taking care of me now that I am a widow. I have learned to forgive people and God is healing me so that I am able to get around better with less pain. II now communicate with the Lord speaking in tongues and I am very happy now.

R.S. from California - I want to thank you for helping my wife. You put hands on her, said she is in God's hands, and now the doctors say she does not have lupus. Thank you God.

S.S from Indonesia - Since taking "The Course" online I have experienced improved changes in myself and my relationships. I am worry free financially and in other areas in my life. Every Christian must take "The Course."

 M.B. from Indiana - My friend 88 year old friend had been lying in bed unresponsive for day, and while her daughter who was watching your TV program she suddenly became responsive raising her hands and saying, "Hallelujah." Later that day she passed, but her daughter is so grateful for that moment.

K.S. from California - Recently my son was reunited with his father whom he had not seen for over 25 years. Now I know what it means when Pastor tells us not to be double minded about things when you pray. I asked the Lord wholeheartedly to help my son find his father, and he did. Hallelujah, praise the Lord!

C. from Vancouver - While praying in tongues for a sick friend I heard God say, "Be made whole." Now I am believing for her healing.

R. from California - A friend stood in the prayer line for me. I had a rare form of cancer, but now I am cancer free and can go back to work.

KA from California - Three months ago I fell and broke my pelvis. I ended up in a wheel chair unable to walk, but now I am walking with a cane. The Lord is awesome!!!!

M.W. from California - I have been having pain for years. I went up in the prayer line before my surgery and the doctor's found a pinched nerve. I have no permanent nerve damage. Pastor gave a good word!

KE from California - I was having financial issues, then a check came in the mail to not only pay my rent, but my tithe, and I still had enough money left over to go to the beach.

Angela from Oklahoma - The Lord has given me boldness to be a youth minister at a detention facility. The doctors predicted an early death for me, but the Lord said, "Life, new life and more of it!" It doesn't matter what mankind says, to me it's all about what does the Lord have to say. Glory to God!

DC from California - I have experienced headaches for years, and felt one coming on when I walked into church. I sat in the back and prayed for my headache to go away and it did. I felt the God's power and my headache disappeared. I have not experienced any headaches ever since.

 KE from California - Had been having trouble with memory and fuzzy thinking. Tuesday evening there was a call for anything stress related. I went up for prayer and now my thinking is clear!

Eileen from Washington - I was just going through some of my papers and found the Newsletter from Pastor Randy from the beginning of the Year and it was just what I needed to hear. "Build the House...stand strong and tall." Thank you. I can always look to your ministry for strength.

 DV From California - My biopsy came out negative. Thank you all for your prayers.

BB from Minnesota - God revealed a stumbling block (had perceived God's love through circumstances only) after receiving prayer.

SA from California - My son got free of heroine and is now looking for a job. Praise the Lord!

Karen from California - I went on a family vacation to the desert and kept getting a bloody nose until I took authority in Jesus' name. My bloody nose stopped instantly and there was absolutely no evidence I had ever had one. Thank you Jesus!

Beverly from California - I had a bump on my finger for about a year and went up for prayer. The next day as I was sitting there watching Television I noticed that my bump was now gone. Praise the Lord!

Kathy from California - I had been living from paycheck to paycheck and was only giving tithes. After the Lord told me to give a small offering I'm got back on track and now I'm working full time at my job.

Janice - I did not see your telecast for some time now on T.V. but have noticed you have been airing your sermons on the internet and your presentation and belief in our Lord is moving and inspirational to me.

Brenda - I turned on the TV this morning. It is the third time I have gotten to hear you. What an encouragement you were to me. It was as if it was the Lord speaking directly to me in person. Thank you so much for your love walk you have with the Lord.

D.W. from California - I recently gave my tithe offering and a little bit more and I received double back. Hallelujah! Praise the Lord!

Barbara from Canada - Thank God for you. I appreciate your messages, and I am so hungry for more.

Carmen from California - Pastor, I asked you to pray for my school and as soon as you did a heaviness was lifted. Our principal has been very supportive and helpful and the teachers are so happy. God bless you!

Pastor Akram and Maria from Pakistan - Thanks so much for your prayer supporting and encouragement. We are so thankful to our Lord Jesus Christ who heard our prayers and gave us answers and performed miracles. Our brother Bobby was set free from prison. Our sister Perveen got victory over her enemies and now everything is okay at her job. Our sister Shabana was touched by the Holy Spirit's power. She is bringing her relatives and neighbors at her home for worship and prayer meetings. She has become a true and powerful believer of our Lord Jesus Christ. We are so glad in Christ.

James from London - Hallelujah! I asked for agreement in prayer for me that I get a job and I did. Thank you.

Bobbie from California - The last time I was at Glory to God church you agreed for me a job, and guess what - I got the job and more than we asked and believed for.

S.V. from Oregon - I have received many miracles from God. My nervous condition is now gone. I had a pinched nerve in my face that is now gone. My left hand Tremor is gone, high blood pressure gone, weight loss gone. Thank you Jesus.

Joyce - Just wanted to say thank you to Pastor Randy for your broadcasts. I turned your program on just at the right time. I was thinking about people that irritate you and completely calmed down. What a great message! God bless you Pastor Randy.

Beverly from Texas - Thank you. As a spirit-filled believer myself, Pastor Randy has blessed my life immeasurable, all the way to Texas!!!!

Eileen from Washington - The book "Word from the Lord" blesses me daily!

 Pastor Albert - I thank God for connecting with you. You are a blessing to me and my ministry. The DVD's of prophecy was like God was speaking to me. I appreciate you and your ministry so much.

Pastor Bernard - Thanks so much for your prayers over the mother and her child. God helped us and paid her hospital bill. Continue committing us before the Lord for His power to be upon His flock and work as we do the same to you.