Pray for Pastor

Father, today I pray for our pastor. I lift him up before You and ask that You will protect him, guard his going out and coming in, and grant him wisdom with what is before him for the day. May he have wisdom in how to care, how to teach, how to lead, and how to love today. Give him wisdom in those times where church discipline is necessary. Psalm 121:8

I pray that Pastor will make it a priority to spend time with You. May it be that in today’s time with You he will be refreshed, encouraged, and strengthened. I pray that You will order the day for my pastor. I pray that You will direct his steps with whom to spend time. May he not be moved by what seems to be the urgent, but grace him to discern which distractions and interruptions are from You.

I pray against any discouragement or apathy or any sense of failure. Provide people along the way today to encourage his heart. Provide those men who will come along side and speak the truth in love to him. Psalm 5:1-3

I pray that our pastor will walk with a deep trust in You. Cause him to know that You are with him and that You will be his help. Provide the resources he needs to faithfully pursue the task that You have given him. Hebrews 2:13

Give Pastor eyes to see anything disruptive to the basic flow of our church. May he be graced to put in proper methods, healthy structures of authority, and clear lines of communication so our church will run smoothly. Help him to staff his weaknesses and help him to be a wise delegator, communicating clearly his heart. Bring men along side him who understand how to work with him. Teach our pastor how to effectively raise up and train leaders in our church. Grant him the ability to recognize potential leaders and then know how to equip them. May he be graced to bring out the best in those he raises up as leaders.

Teach Pastor to lead with intentionality, being strategic in his leading. Grant him the ability to create and communicate vision so that people in our church see their place in light of that vision. Grace him with a mental toughness when mountains of adversity come before him and discouragement tries to set in. I pray that he will have wisdom in preparing us for each season of growth.

Father, thank you for Pastor’s passion for truth. Thank you for his integrity in presenting truth to this body. I pray that You will protect his time of study this week. I pray that he will soak his message in prayer, looking to You and depending upon Your grace for Your illuminations and a fresh anointing of Your Spirit upon this message.

I also pray that he will not be afraid to challenge us in applying Your word to our lives. I pray that he will be aware of any sense to people please. May his goal be to please You and You alone.

Lord, as a growing church that is encountering changing dynamics, our pastor needs Your help and wisdom in preparing for those changes. Teach him how to constantly bring the big picture to mind while keeping the vision fresh.

As is our pastor’s marriage, so is the church. I ask for you protection around him and Diana. I pray that You will deepen their love for each other today. I pray that You will help them quickly work through conflicts having understanding of each other as they walk in unity. I pray that they will guard their time together and continually have times of renewed love and refreshment. Help Diana to continually know how to lovingly support Pastor. Give her discernment in being his need-meeter.

I pray that You will help them to be fully dependent on You and fully interdependent on each other as they accomplish their one-flesh task. Father, I also pray for their children and family members. Protect them this day. Keep the enemy far from them.

Lord, help Pastor as he meets with couples. May he be an instrument of hope and a vessel of encouragement to marriages. I thank You for his heart for marriages. May he not shrink back from speaking the truth in love. May he speak life into marriages that are hurting.

Father, thank You for Pastor.

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