I Have Supplied What You Need

As I build line on line, faith upon faith, glory upon glory, and wisdom upon wisdom, increase is coming even now.  I know what is needed down the road, and I have supplied, and I have provided.  It is I that is orchestrating, it is I that is directing, it is I that is guiding, it is I that knows the beginning from the end.  It is I that knows the future.  Yes, it will be good.  Even now I have supplied what is necessary for the future.  Things that you know not of, but I know of them, for I have determined, planned, plotted, and I have put them together.  So now I have created them.  They are happening even now as I have planned.  Put your trust in Me, and rely upon Me, for only I know the future.  Only I can make provision for the future according to what I have planned.

By Dr. Randy C. Brodhagen. Copyright 2018-Glory to God Ministries International; 67-399 E. Palm Canyon, Cathedral City, CA; Mailing Address P.O. Box 4167, Palm Springs, CA 92263, (760) 321-5222. All Rights Reserved.