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"The Course shows, in context, and from the Christian perspective, what God the Father, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit demonstrate about their character and relationship with mankind. The curriculum is broken into 18 sections. Each section has a primary topic, such as God's Plan for Life, Water Baptism etc., that addresses common misconceptions and truths according to the Christian Bible. The object of The Course is to put the material to the test regarding what is actually written in the Bible (in context and in harmony with all Scripture)."

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The Course Outline

This is a 26 week course consisting of 2 hour lessons per topic. There are 9 weeks allotted for 2 hours per lesson for introduction, make-up lessons, review and testing.

God's Plan for Your Life
A biblical picture from creation to a new heaven and a new earth. God’s plan for those who don’t accept and obey His truths.

Water Baptism
The truth about water baptism from God's point of view, who is it for, etc.

The Holy Spirit
A look at who the Holy Spirit is. What His functions in our lives and how we receive the Holy Spirit. Who the Holy Spirit is for. What the manifestations of Him presence are.

The way the Lord provides an atmosphere or climate for His presence, power & glory to be manifested.

When we look to Jesus, the power of God comes into our lives, cities, nations and the world. What God's dominion is. What our dominion is.

God's Plan for Healing
Where sickness comes from. How we are healed. Why we are healed. Does God want us sick? Misconceptions about illness.

Financial Blessing
Where blessing comes from. Does God want us poor? How we get blessed.

Releasing Your Financial Miracles
A step by step look at how God is able to provide and how He will make a way for His children.

Developing God's Order for the Home
A look at how the true expression of Christ’s love for the church is shown in the home.

A definition of patience is “confidently submitting yourself to the care of someone other than yourself”. Through the true experience about patience in this section, how to have patience is revealed in a practical manner.

God's Rest
Shows how to find rest and peace in our lives to be with us all the time.

Loving Witness
A look at how to show love and have a good attitude in every area of our lives.

Loves Response
Shows how we should respond to various situations in our lives in a way that is pleasing to God.

Dealing with People Pressure
A study of how to live with less pressure in our lives according to what the Bible says.

A study of what worship is, how to worship, who should worship, why we should worship and who do we worship according to the Bible.

The Lord's Day
A factual study of what the Lord’s day is and what it is all about according to the Bible.

The Vision
A description of what vision is according to the Bible.

"Let us get rid of the clutter." Get rid of the sin that so easily besets, and then the weights. (Hebrews 12) There are other things that are distractions in your life. There are cares that you are carrying that the Lord does not want you carrying.

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Student Testimonies-International

Angel Law: I had always thought that speaking in tongues was a particular gift for some pastors because they were chosen to get involved in a related mission. However, since I took part in the Glory to God Ministries course last year, I have been told that as soon as I received the Holy Spirit, I was also given tongues to communicate with God in the Holy Spirit.

Bob Kone: I am from Africa but living in Hong Kong. When I was growing up, witchcraft was very prominent in my village. Witchcraft was our god and we didn’t look at it as demonic. It was the normal belief of the people. The people were accustomed to seeing miracles on a daily basis. Therefore, it was difficult for me to believe in a God that I couldn’t see the miraculous happen, because I had seen so many demonic displays or miracles.

Fred Kavuma: School has continued and now most of the Ministers have experienced the power of the Holy Spirit. At the moment we have 50 students who are taking The Course. Many churches have been helped more especially on the side of knowing the work of the Holy Spirit in the life of the believer. This Course has been so much of a blessing.

Traore Issa: Hello, I’m Traore Issa and I want to talk a bit about The Course that I did in the SHEKINAH INSTITUTE INTERNATIONAL in Hong Kong and how much it has transformed my Christian life and drawn me closer to God.

Mrs Lia: Before I took The Course last year, I was a very traditional Chinese Buddhist believer. I was not very happy and had many bad experiences with people over the years. I had health problems and could hardly walk. Since taking The Course, I have learned that Jesus loves me and He is taking care of me now that I am a widow.

San San Liauw: "The Course" is a well-rounded course for Christians. After taking this course, I experience changes in myself, my relationship with my husband improved, repeated healings for every member in my family and friends, I am worry-free financially and in other areas in my life, empowerment, more confident to pray for others and to minister to others.

Steven Chew: The Course is not just an academic exercise in the understanding of the Christian faith; it has a practical side to it as well as I was soon to find out.